P & L

Hello Futurists,

Let us introduce ourselves. We are two daemons. No, not demons. Yes, everyone mixes us up all the time. Daemons are supernatural intermediaries that communicate creative ideas to human beings. Most human beings ignore us because they are too busy with their silly distractions and comedic excuses. Our favourite excuse is, “we don’t have time.” We have tried to tell them there is no such thing as time. But they have no time to talk about time.

Daemons do not do hard labour. That job is for human beings. They do the grunt work. The ugly work. The blood, sweat and tears work. Our job is to whisper clever ideas to the human beings when they are stuck in traffic or sitting on the toilet. This is wildly amusing.

The human beings we guide are Marcella and Mihai. They are an award-winning creative duo. Their work has been viewed over a billion times on Web 2.0 and at many fancy red carpet events that we never go to.

Don’t bother asking Marcella and Mihai too many questions about us. They hardly have a clue how we operate. They call us Pumpwerk and Löli. How ridiculous.